Connect and Send Positivity UK.

In this difficult current time of uncertainty that the UK is experiencing Seka would like to offer a FREE DISTANT HEALING on FRIDAY 1st JULY at 19.30 UK time where people all over the world can join together to focus on the UK, in order to connect with each other to collectively send POSITIVITY to Britain.

Seka holds these bi-monthly events to help individuals personally experience her healing vibes- this time she is asking participants to join in as usual, (by placing their hands on the electron hand prints - ) but as well as being open to absorbing individual healing benefits, ALSO focus your POSITIVE energies to the UK.

'Many people are sad, angry and uncertain and frustrated on both sides of this political argument - so for 30 minutes join me in channelling POSITIVE energy to help the UK heal and strengthen.'

FRIDAY 1st JULY at 19.30 UK time 

What to Do –

  • Find a quiet place to sit/ lie/ rest 
  • Place your hands over the electron 'hand' images ( )
  • Relax for 30 minutes at the designated time and date