Louise, Surrey

“Seka’s remarkable ability helped me last year when a viscous pseudomonas infection to my long damaged right eye resulted in the eye rupturing and emergency surgery was performed to effectively glue the cornea together.   
I was told the best route was removal of the eye for which I was duly booked.  However my corneal surgeon gave me hope that a graft (either an amniotic patch or a full corneal graft) could be considered instead but it would be likely temporary and we would have to wait 7 weeks for the cornea to heal behind the glue as much as possible.  I cancelled the eye removal surgery and waited the 7 weeks - Meanwhile lovely Seka saw me many times to give bio-energy healing to my eye - in all the sessions I felt intense sensations in the eye and the eye watered greatly during the healing.  When my surgeon then performed the amniotic membrane graft he told me immediately after surgery that when he removed the glue, he was amazed at how the cornea had healed - it was well beyond his best expectation and consequently he performed the less invasive of the two possible procedures.  The eye continued over the following months to heal well - it was so far beyond my surgeons expectations that he is considering writing a medical paper on my case. He believes now that contrary to his original expectation I could keep the eye for the rest of my life. I am extremely grateful both to my surgeon and  of course to Seka for her amazing ability to help heal my eye and enable me to keep it - I hope for the rest of my life.”