You Know More Than You Think

Seka Nikolic’s Book:
You Know More Than You Think
Published by Hayhouse, 6th September 2010

"I recommend Seka to all of my friends. She has a special gift and a no-nonsense appraoch to healing. We all run on energy- it's our most precious asset." 
Joely Richardson, Actress 

Have you ever telephoned someone just as they were about to ring you? 
Or received an email or a letter from a friend who you dreamt about the night before?

It may feel easier to believe that these situations are simply coincidental – but this book will help you to understand how the super-subconscious is behind this magical form of energetic communication. 

- the ability we all have to send and receive messages through our energy frequencies
- practical exercises that help you access your neutral mind and connect with your super-subconscious powers.
- information on how to protect yourself and use the super-subconscious  to overcome illness and strengthen your health
- the power to attract the right people, relationships and career opportunities into your life
- real case studies to illustrate how much you can achieve when you recognise your hidden powers and become the master of your energy and your life

You were born with the ability to use energy: this book will help you nurture your natural gift so that you can attract the right frequencies to dramatically improve your health, relationships and career. By accessing the power of the super-subconscious you can be happier and more successful – and you can invite the magical into your life.

Learn about the energetic universe and your own ability to connect with it to improve your life.

‘You Know More Than You Think’ is Seka’s second book in which she uses her 2 decades worth of experience as a leading Bio Energy practitioner to explain how we can each use and understand universal energy to improve our lives.

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