Other Projects

Seka Nikolic is also proud to be a producer of organic and bio-dynamic Serbian wines. 

Seka and her husband, Don McCulloch, set up 'McC McCulloch Wines' in order to restore a vineyard in Fruska Gora, Serbia, that was once renowned by Roman Emperor's for its exquisite vines.

Seka's experience with bio energy and her connection to the land made this project an irresistable opportunity to combine her skills with that of her wine enthusiast husband. Their biodynamic approach to wine-making now produces award winning chemical-free and fertilizer-free wine that is available here in the UK and in Serbia.

Their holistic approach to wine-making has been commended in Europe and on the world-wide scale as they have received competitive medals from their first vintages with a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE medal from Decanter Worldwine Awards and Vino.Rs Awards so far.

Please find all further information regarding McC McCulloch wines here >

Seka Nikolic and wine enthusiast husband were interviewed on their vineyard in Fruska Gora, Serbia by Mira Adanja-Polak. Mira is an internationally recognised freelance journalist, presenter, researcher, activist and author.

The 30 minute documentary was made for Serbia's National TV and shows a year of trial, tribulation, and triumphs for Seka and Don as 'McC McCulloch Wines' strive to produce biodynamic and organic wine in Serbia.