Worldwide DistanT Healing

As we roll into the latter months of the year, we usually need all the energy we can get!

Whether you need to reset and recharge, focus healing to certain areas or just connect with good vibrations- this free 30 minute session can help to boost, energise and rebalance.

Simply relax and connect as Seka works with the planet's natural energy to enhance healing and communicate positive change. 

All you need to do is be open, aware and at ease!

Sunday 13th, October at 9pm UK time

What to Do –

  • Find a quiet place to sit/ lie/ rest

  • Place your hands over the electron 'hand' images

  • Relax for 30 minutes at the designated time and date

  • Let go of your illnesses and blockages

  • Assess yourself over the following week then post or email Seka your feedback.

  • By the word -RELAX- Seka asks you to let go of all your problems/ illnesses/ daily stresses, and be open to receive the healing energy.


  • Monday 14th October

  • tuesday 15th october

To help connect with Seka, and for Seka to help focus her energy on you, you should print off the electron photographs of Sekas left and right hand and place your hands upon them throughout the 30 minute distance healing period. 

By the word -RELAX- Seka asks you to let go of all your problems/ illnesses/ daily stresses, and be open to receive the healing energy.


All Seka Nikolic asks in return is for you to assess any changes you may experience either at the time of the session or in the days following, and kindly email this feedback to

You could be part of the worlds biggest distance healing experience ever!

Q& A - Distance Healing

What if I’m asleep?
This form of distance healing requires YOU to ‘tune in’ rather than letting Seka do all the work. So it is a good idea to at least try to begin ‘awake’!

Must I use the electron ‘Hand’ print-outs?
Yes. The hands are a huge part of Seka’s energy and she will be channelling her energy out through them, to you.

The Experience

On the basis of the information returned from previous events most people felt an “enlightening”, “relaxing”, “warming”, “peaceful”, “bubbling”, “pulsating”, “intense”, “electrifying”, “magnetising” “exhausting”, “itchy”, ‘drowsy”, “lifting”, and for me personally, an exhilarating experience.

People have reported a range of different, unique and individual sensations at the time of the experience. Whether profound or subtle, the experiences from current feedback show that predominantly the experience had a positive and healing effect. So mission accomplished!

At present, initial feedback indicates that regardless of location felt similar effects in countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Hong Kong, Russia, France and the UK.

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