Further Books

Seka Nikolic is referenced in various other titles - see below:

Keep Calm and Use an Affirmation 

Featuring a collection of original and timeless affirmations from Louise L. Hay and a range of leading Hay House UK authors, all affirmations contained within these pages will help you to keep calm and use an affirmation to...

1. Love Your Work
2. Harmonise Your Home
3. Experience More Love
4. Flow Gracefully with Change
5. Boost Self-Esteem
6. Manifest Financial Prosperity
7. Heal Your Body
8. Forgive Yourself and Others
9. Connect to Spirit

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Anne Jirsch's 'Cosmic Energy'

COSMIC ENERGY is the amazing new book from top psychic Anne Jirsch. Everyone has heard of cosmic ordering;

COSMIC ENERGY takes the process one step further and teaches you how to harness the pure power of the universe to transform all areas of your life. 

Learn how to reveal your life's purpose; attract positive people into your life; connect to all the wealth and happiness in the world; maximise your wellbeing - and that of your loved ones.

Hazel Courtney's 'Whats the Alternative?' 


Offering answers to questions about alternative therapies and supplements, this book is derived from the "What's the Alternative?" column of the "Daily Mail" and is arranged in A-Z format.

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