Electional Astrology

The world wide distance healing days are chosen using a form of astrology known as Electional.

But what is Astrology? 

To put it simply, Astrology is the study and interpretation of the motions of the planets as viewed from earth against a belt of stars known as the zodiac. Since time immemorial, astrology has been used to try to predict and explain events that occur on earth. Most people know of astrology through the Sun sign columns in newspapers or magazines. The Sun is only a minor part of the story and astrologers are constrained by both space and time as to what they can write in the press. Sun sign astrology, or horoscopes are not the only form of astrology. There is mundanes astrology, medical astrology, horary, Indian, Chinese and the list goes on. Here we are concerned with Electional astrology.

What is Electional Astrology?

Electional astrology is a traditional astrological discipline with various rules to try and ensure the most auspicious moment for undertaking any venture. Electional astrology was mainly used in the past to find the best moment to go to war against your enemy, be elected or crowned Monarch or ruler, (as in the case of Elizabeth 1st of England) to get married, to begin a business venture and even to pick the best time to cut your hair or commence building your home. 

Using various rules, you try and pick the time to commence your venture when the planets are in favourable aspect to one another, paying particular attention to the Moon. The Moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days and it is hard to get her in good “aspect” to the majority of the planets.

When electing times for ventures, there are usually some practical considerations to take into account. In this case, Seka wanted a slot in August covering three days, preferably in the evening in Europe. This would enable people in both hemispheres to hopefully have a chance of being at home, or, in a place where they can relax without being disturbed for the allotted time.

As this Election is concerned with health issues, we also wanted to “fortify” the Sun as the Sun is seen to be connected with the vital life force. Therefore we didn’t want the Sun to have set below the horizon in the chart set for the UK, which is where Seka will be based. The Sun is “fortified” by being in its own sign of Leo.

The Moon was tricky as it is located in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is opposite to the Moon’s own sign of Cancer. But, the Moon is making good aspects to all the other planets except the Sun, and goes to join forces with Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system.

For this and many other technical reasons, the days chosen are ‘astrologically’ the most auspicious days on which to embark on the World-Wide Distance Healing Experience. 

Sharon Knight. Professional Astrologer. MA. QHP. FAPAI.