Before booking Bio Energy treatment with Seka Nikolic please read the following information for New Patients:

  • All New Patients are recommended to book 5 consecutive treatments within a week. (One session daily, for 5 consecutive days)

  • Each session last 30 minutes.

  • The first session will include a brief discussion about your health concerns and an overall body diagnosis in which Seka will try to determine the extent, cause and background regarding any problems.

  • This first session is not just a consultation session. It is a full treatment session also.

  • It is essential that treatments are carried out on the recommended consecutive days.


  • Seka recommends females not to have Bio Energy treatment when on their first two days of menstruation.

  • Seka prefers not to treat in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Alcohol should not be consumed at any point during the course of the 5 day treatment block.

For further information re the treatment week- please read 'Pre and Post treatment advice'

To Book Bio Energy Treatments

Please contact The Seka Nikolic Centre on 02074435544 or
Use the contact form to email Seka here >

If this is your first booking you will be asked to book 5 consecutive days, not just one individual session, so please try to accommodate a week when this may work for you.

Seka's London clinic is open Monday - Friday (Not weekends).

The first appointment slot of the day starts 8.30am. The last appt slot of the day starts 5.30pm
Seka's availability can vary so please always call rather than email to discuss specific dates and times. 

You can be added to a cancellation list when availability is limited.

Post treatment 

  • Each individual will experience and react to Bio Energy treatments differently, but Seka will try offer specific advise at the end of your treatment block.

  • It usually takes the body at least 6-8 weeks to fully absorb the healing. Generally Seka prefers not to treat again before this time.

  • When/ if you do require top-up treatments, these can be discussed with Seka.

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