Case Studies

For Full Case Studies And Patient Testimonials See Seka's latest book: 

You Can Heal Yourself -The Definitive Guide to Energy Healing.
Published by Hayhouse, August 2012

Seka Nikolic is one of the world's top bio-energy practitioners. Her personal belief that we can all improve our health and sense of wellbeing by learning how to manage our energy has been established by the Milan Bio-Energy Institute. You Can Heal Yourself is the incredible story of how Seka discovered her powers and how you can harness them in your own life. Discover:

· How the body's energy field can be thrown out of balance by negative emotions and past experience
· The hidden causes behind illness and fatigue and how to fight them
· Why the earth and even other people's energy can affect us
· Incredible stories of the power of healing on Seka's clients, including many celebrities.

Completely updated and revised to include Seka's latest discoveries and most recent examples of her success in healing, self-healing process becomes effortless with Seka's proven plan to balance your vital energy.

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