World Wide Distant Healing

Thank you to everyone who joined in my May 2017 Worldwide Distant Healing events. Please email in your feedback if you haven't already - I really find them so valuable to my work in this area.

I know this is much sooner than usual - but Shelley von Strunkel (Astrologer for the Sunday Times and Evening Standard told me early this year that 7th, 8th and 9th June were special dates presenting the theme- 'Fresh Start'. 

It seems our politicians picked up on this too!  

As the UK elections are becoming somewhat stressful and intense times, I want again to send out healing energies to help the UK come together as an integrated, compassionate country, and for the whole planet to connect through peace and harmony, and gain from that exciting theme of a positive 'Fresh Start' 

Next FREE World Wide Distant Healing Day
Wednesday 7th June at 21.00 London UK time

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