September 2016 - Worldwide Distant Healing

With 5 successful Worldwide Distant Healing Events offered in 2015, these FREE sessions are becoming ever more popular. As the amount of participants grow, so does the field of energy, providing a deeper and stronger healing for all.

See the following date and instructions for taking part in September 2016. Anyone can join in by using the electron hand images to connect with Seka at the following times.

Join on  Wednesday 28th September at 20.00 UK time.

What to Do –

  • Find a quiet place to sit/ lie/ rest 
  • Place your hands over the electron 'hand' images
  • Relax for 30 minutes at the designated time and date
  • Let go of your illnesses and blockages
  • Assess yourself over the following week then post or email Seka your feedback.
  • Special Discounted Distant Healing:

To try Distant Healing that Seka offers on a daily basis through personal photographs (usually £30 per session) for a discounted £15.00 each on

Thursday 29Th September
Friday 30Th September

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