My son Adam is 3 years old and he suffers from a extremely rare genetic condition called Trichothiodystrophy (severe form). Last year he was intubated and due to it he suffered a major brain insult. The doctors were very reserved about him and they didn't gave us much hope. We've been told that we won't be able to see the Adam that we knew before- extremely happy, vocal, full of joy. The brain insult came with infantile spasms and he also lost most of his abilities, including hearing and voice.  I told them that I can't accept this and I won't give up until I will see my son smiling again.

I was desperate... everything was falling apart...I was begging the universe to help me... I started to do research about alternatives therapies and this is how Seka came into our lives!!! A life saver!!! I call her Adam's good fairy because due to her miraculous/ indescribable powers Adam is smiling again, his spasms have decreased considerably, he's more alert, he has gained weight.  I can't explain/ stress enough the fact that Seka is a wonderful lady in all ways!  I highly recommend Seka's bio-energy sessions. 

Not only Adam has had the privilege to be treated by her- myself and daddy are the lucky ones to be treated and energised by Seka now too.

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