You Know More Than You Think

A Selection Of Reviews -

"Having read Seka Nikolic's previous book, I was delighted to see that she had produced a new one focused on energetic healing.Having read it from cover to cover and worked with the exercises,I cannot recommend it highly enough.She gives an overview of energy,as in our own energetic connections, how our thoughts affect our bodies and how to change habitual pessimistic thoughts about illnesses.

Seka is an amazing natural bio-energetic healer whose energy has been scientifically recognised.Instead of keeping her skills to herself,she offers two free distance healing sessions per month which have had some excellent feedback.

If you're sceptical about healing chronic or serious illness,buy the book ,do the exercises and reap the benefits."
(Lorna Bevan)

“I really loved the book.  I found myself changing just reading it.  it is very approachable and easy to understand and brings together many things that have been coming to me recently.  It really is a turning point for me. My mother also read half of it while she was here for the weekend.  She knows nothing about these areas and so I thought it would be good for her to read it coming from that perspective; she found it really interesting and easy to understand." 
(Vanessa, Oxford)
"Just finished your book. Its so good I couldn’t stop reading it. I have learnt lots about neutrality which is helping me and I love the breathing exercises. Great job." 
(Sara S, London)
"I would like to congratulate you on your new book. I’ve read it over the weekend and I think it’s really good! I found it very inspiring and after I started I found it hard to put it down again. Also: I felt this strong energy emanating from the words, which I had also experienced with the previous book. But this time I found it even more profound. I felt strong tingling all over while reading and it actually felt just like a healing. I’m really puzzled by this. How on earth did you do this??? Or is it something I do myself? I haven’t got a clue, but it sure feels nice!"
(Liesbeth, Essex)

"Hi Seka, Just wanted to say, your book is BRILLIANT. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I literally couldn't put it down, and almost immediately I found it helped me. I had a family funeral this week and, amazingly, I got to the chapter about connections with those who've died on that very day. The book is so easy to follow, but profound too." 
(Helen, Oxfordshire)

"I love your new book. I keep it to hand and its so lovely, couldnt put it down." 
(Moira, Twickenham)

"I just want to say thank you for your books - I've had mental and emotional health problems my whole life - I haven't found the medical + psychiatric services of much use to me personally but your books are helping me heal myself" 
(Chantelle, UK)

"Thank you very much for your new book, it was a treat on many levels to read it. As soon as I sat down with it I started to relax. And when I continued my relax-mode I actually saw white light coming out of the book, which was cool. It is one of those books that works on your whole energy while you are reading, probably even if you are just holding it and holding the intention of getting caught up in its energy. Thank you also for the content, neutrality is what I need to work on."
Thank you also for your World Wide Distance healings, my husband and I appreciate them hugely. We are living in Sri Lanka now, not in the UK and we even set the alarm for them if the time is totally inconvenient. There is always immense peace in these healings."
(Klaudia, Sri Lanka)