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Case Study: Gillian Eustace / Thyroid Condition

I was diagnosed with nodes on the thyroid in 2008. I had been feeling ill for some time but had put it down to stress caused by the long commute and frequent travelling of my busy job.I was constantly overwhelmed by debilitating spells of fatigue and eventually I gave up my job.I started to feel better for a little while but the symptoms were still there. The diagnosis came as a shock as although I had a busy lifestyle I had always tried to take care of myself by eating well and exercising regularly.

I was told that there was no specific treatment for my condition and that I should just carry on as normal and hope that it did not deteriorate. But from that point on I gradually started to feel a lot worse. The fatigue and weakness greatly increased and I was able to do less and less. Even a short phone call or visit from friends etc would exhaust me. If I did anything at all it would take me 24 hours to recover. In addition, my throat started to swell and I gained nearly 3 stone in weight.

I started to look for ways to help myself and remembered reading an article about Seka. I felt instinctively that she would be able to help me and made an appointment. However, I felt so weak by this time that I was worried I would not be strong enough to manage the car journey to London each day. Even watching the scenery go by through the car window exhausted me. In the end I took a pillow and blanket and lay down on the back seat of the car whilst my husband drove. I put my faith in the hope that Seka would be able to give me enough energy during the treatments to get me through the journeys. This proved to be the case and by the end of the week I was sitting up and looking through the windows!

At that first appointment Seka told me that it was not just my thyroid that was the problem but that all my other hormones were also affected.This confirmed my own thoughts as I had been convinced that my adrenals, in particular, were part of the problem but I had been told that it was not possible for adrenals to  have any effect on the thyroid. I was certain that this was wrong, so it was reassuring to hear Seka confirm that other hormones were involved. (Later tests which I undertook independently also showed that this was the case.)

Since that time I have continued  to see Seka on a regular basis . I am so pleased to be able to report that my energy levels have improved considerably. I still have a little way to go  but I now have enough energy to go out to lunch and meet friends etc without getting totally exhausted. I still have to be careful but it is a far cry from the time when I was too weak to sit up and look through the car window! In addition, the swelling in my throat has reduced and I have lost a stone in weight. The changes did not happen instantaneously but occurred gradually over time. I have got stronger and stronger with each treatment and all this is thanks to Seka. Like so many of those who have been treated by Seka I can never thank her enough  for giving  me my life back.

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